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Week 6.2

“If you are a young person working in marketing or advertising, let’s say you’re 28, you probably think the world of advertising is changing at warp speed.” Ah, to no longer be one of the young ones… In all seriousness Ad Contrarian Bob Hoffman’s most recent post on the speed of change in advertising reminds… Continue reading

Week 6.1

Today is my one year anniversary. I’d like to write a pithy post on ‘7 Things I’ve Learned This Year’ ‘8 Things You’ll Realise When You’re New to OOH’ ‘3 Things You Must Do In Your New Role’ but a more honest post is that I feel lucky, grateful and deeply appreciative of the opportunities… Continue reading

Week 5.1

Worlds Apart Within the space of 24 hours, three different people shared the Heineken campaign with me. I think they know me pretty well but that reaction also shows how the campaign makes people feel; it’s beautiful, provocative and just the sort of thing that deserves to go viral. I love it.   As I… Continue reading

Week 4.1

‘Nobody ever died from advertising’