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Week 1.1

I started this job in May 2016. My role has grown in the last 329 days. From social media and website updates to more and more content marketing. Checking press releases. Writing articles. Creating email campaigns. Now I find myself thinking ‘How can I improve? How can I develop my style? How can I learn… Continue reading

#PodLove: #1 Freakonomics

Freakonomics Radio: one of the the best podcasts out there This is part of my series on podcasts. Check out the master list here. I read the Freakonomics book a few years before learning they had a podcast. The story that most stuck with me from the book is the argument that legalising abortion leads… Continue reading


PodLove: my favourite podcasts I’ve been a huge fan of podcasts for years. From my A-Level days listening to Today in Parliament, through to Helen and Olly accompanying me during study breaks, they’ve been there to educate me, to make me laugh and to make me think. Radio 4’s RP was a little reminder of home… Continue reading