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#PodLove: podcasts I rate

PodLove: my favourite podcasts

I’ve been a huge fan of podcasts for years. From my A-Level days listening to Today in Parliament, through to Helen and Olly accompanying me during study breaks, they’ve been there to educate me, to make me laugh and to make me think. Radio 4’s RP was a little reminder of home wherever in the world I found myself. My tastes have changed gradually and I’ve found new favourites along the way.

For the next few weeks I’d like to recommend a few podcasts and if you’re looking for other recommendations, try Buffer’s What We’re Listening To: 57 Podcasts Recommended by the Buffer Team and Audience. There are so many good ones out there: at one point I had to turn off automatic downloads on my iPhone because my list of podcasts has grown so big. You’ve been warned!

#1 Freakonomics