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Week 1.2

How To Be A Charismatic Woman In A Man’s World

On January 21 2017 Susi bumped into Deborah Frances-White on the Women’s March. She’d seen the Guilty Feminist flag flying over marchers’ heads and gradually ended up near the group. She hadn’t seen a photo of Deborah before but as soon as Susi heard that distinctive voice behind her she knew exactly who it was. After a bit of a fan girl moment she joined the group chatting away. Deborah was inviting the entire group to a recording later that day of her second podcast, Global Pillage. If they didn’t already have tickets they just needed to give the password ‘smash the patriarchy’ to get in.

That was the first time Susi met Deborah and today was the second.

Delivering her signature seminar ‘How To Be A Charismatic Woman In A Man’s World’ to a packed room at Havas headquarters, the hkx building, Deborah held the group’s rapt attention, explaining the theory (the need for outside groups to self-include) with the practical (stand on your front foot when you present; keep your head still when you talk). She kept the audience with her the entire time without needing a single presentation tool or slide (‘Name the slide in your life that’s inspired you the most’) and drove home the tips you need to feel comfortable in an unwelcome environment. Networking being one of those situations: ‘Talking to someone when you’d rather be talking to someone else’.

This was without a doubt the best NABS session Susi had been to. Now to practice more self-inclusion. And then more inclusion.