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Week 6.2

“If you are a young person working in marketing or advertising, let’s say you’re 28, you probably think the world of advertising is changing at warp speed.”

Ah, to no longer be one of the young ones…

In all seriousness Ad Contrarian Bob Hoffman’s most recent post on the speed of change in advertising reminds me very much of an article in Marketing Week by Mark Ritson on the constant death of everything in marketing.

The moment came to me a week ago when I was doing research into programmatic. Trawling through The Drum and Campaign I kept seeing articles about the lack of transparency and reliability in data – the exact same scandal that has ‘just’ hit the industry with P&G’s Mark Pritchard taking a stand in January. It’s hit me how tiresome it must be for anyone with the long view, who sees the same ‘thought leadership’ pieces cycling through year after year until the story finally sticks.