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Is it risky or does it just feel risky?

Seth Godin’s latest episode of Akimbo is called The chicken and the egg.  

Around 21 minutes in he starts answering listener questions, one of which is all about risk. Before telling an anecdote about his interns getting electrified along a rail road track on a rainy night, Seth says ‘It’s really common to confuse things that feel risky with things that are risky.’ 

‘I can assure you that they [the interns] didn’t feel like they were doing something risky, but they were. And the opposite is even more true. The opposite happens all the time. In our industrialised world filled with guard rails it’s the opposite that’s the real issue. It feels risky to ask a question to this podcast. It feels risky to raise your hand in a classroom. It feels risky to tell someone your truth. Blogging every day doesn’t cost anything, but it feels risky. It’s not risky, it simply feels risky.’

Something to think about.