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MEN – – Month 5 – – #FeministFactFriday

Theme #5 for Feminist Fact Friday

Feminist Fact Friday is now in its fifth month. I’ve so far covered, POLITICS, HEROES, MONEY and BEHAVIOUR and all with a firm focus on women (and were possible the intersectionality of how race and sexuality —and so much more— also have an impact on the levels of inequality women face).

As the Women’s Equality Party repeat time and again, equality is better for everyone. Though I’ve called this year-long series ‘Feminist Fact Friday’ I’m keen to make a point on how important it is that we all care about how inequality affects so many people, and also emphasise that men are badly affected by sexism (and other forms of discrimination too).

Throughout June I’ll be focusing on MEN — how sexism and inequality affect their mental health, their relationship with their children, their life expectancy and much more.

Part of the reason for choosing this topic now is that in May I went to a NABS event called Man Up! focusing on mental health issues that affect men. The panellists (Poorna Bell – Journalist and speaker (chair); Richie Driss – Presenter; Josh Krichefski – CEO, MediaCom UK; Mark Sandford – Co-founder, The Book of Man) all came from the media sector, but I felt very much that the topics covered in the talk didn’t have to apply just to the industry we were all based in.

I go to very many women-focused events and there’s a strong tendency for the room to be packed full of women, with few men (if not none) in attendance. What was striking about Man Up! is that there was a large turnout of women from across our sector, in direct opposition to my usual experience at events focusing on women’s issues. I recognise that’s because these spaces might feel unwelcoming to men and I think that one way of bridging that gap is to show an interest in and a willingness to do something about the problems that men face too.

June – MEN

Week 17 – 44% of fathers have been refused a change in working hours.

Week 18 – One man in five dies before the age of 65.

Week 19 – 84 men take their own life every week in the UK.

Week 20 – ‘Man Up’ behaviour costs the UK £2.9 billion a year.