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Tools I recommend

This is a work-in-progress list but as I come to the end of 2019 there are plenty of apps and tools I’ve noticed have really boosted my productivity, health and learning. For some of the tools I’m including referral links below – if you’re tempted to try these out then we’ll both benefit if you use these links. I’ll be updating this list as I go.

My favourite tools include:

Passion Planner

There are no words to describe what an incredible difference Passion Planners have made in my life. For 2020 I’ve just ordered my fourth one. Not only are they reasonably priced (in comparison to similar items on the market) but they also give you the space to use as you wish (rather than patronisingly asking you whether you’ve drunk enough water every day) to meet your goals. My favourite part is the monthly reflection which always reveals some surprising truths and has helped me to find areas I’ve wanted to improve on – including becoming more organised and getting on top of my finances. If I could call any single tool the secret to my success, it would the Passion Planner.

With this link you’ll get 10% off and I’ll get $5 off my next Passion Planner [referral].


Todoist has upped my productivity by roughly a billion per cent. I’m more reliable, effective and organised than I’ve ever been before thanks to this app.

Get more organised now, with Todoist [referral].


Until Todoist introduces its very own Pomodoro timer, I’ll be a loyal fan of Forest. For every time slot you complete without getting distracted and using your phone for something else it plants a tree in your virtual forest. You can label the trees to keep track of the tasks you’ve completed and once you’ve planted enough trees they’ll actually plant a real-life tree for you! It’s a totally adorable app that changes seasonally (right now it’s snowing on the screen and covering Christmas tress) and you’ll be doing right by yourself and right by the planet in using it.

Start planting trees in Forest now.


I’ve been trying to get more on top of password management for a while, with a view to making my use of the internet more secure. There are plenty of dangers out there on the web. It was a little unintuitive to use 1Password initially, but very quickly I’ve become a fan and appreciate how easy it is to use across multiple apps, sites and devices.

You can find out more about 1Password on their website.


I’ve been a paying customer of Buffer’s since 2015. Not only is their social media scheduling very easy to use and the multiple plugins very helpful across different browsers and devices, but I also really appreciate the company ethos around transparent salaries and remote working, which allows everyone to live where they’re happiest.

It’s well worth checking out Buffer even if you don’t think you need social scheduling in your life right now.


You Need A Budget – that’s both true, and the name of my favourite budgeting tool. One of the biggest things YNAB has taught me is that I find seeing my net worth grow to be one of the biggest financial motivators. Willing the number to go up every month, even if it’s by only a pound or two has got me into really good stead financially. I’m sure most people get to be financially responsible way earlier than I managed it, but I owe a lot of my changing habits and getting my finances under control to YNAB. It’s pretty manual and time-intensive, but I like getting into the detail. That might not suit everyone, but I’ve found it to be a total gamechanger.

Grab yourself one month free on YNAB using this link [referral].