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If you’re more fortunate than others…

If you are more fortunate than others build a longer table not a taller fence.

I recently wrote about one of my favourite sayings, on the ‘three types of people in this world‘. Those are words I live by and seeing the above quote on LinkedIn today just reminded me once more of their importance.

This was particularly true as I’d just read the experience of a Senior Media Manager at ITV, Suzie Bishop, who wrote movingly about her struggles to enter the industry when almost every company offered only unpaid internships.

She ended by writing ‘Not paying interns perpetuates a class system whereby the underprivileged fall behind because they don’t have the money to take on opportunities that break the cycle. So please, for the love of fuck, pay them.’

I believe we all have the power to change things, no matter how small our influence. And we can all choose to improve things for those who come after us, or continue with a status quo in which just a tiny number of people are able to succeed.