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Last Q&A of the Mini MBA

On Friday we had the last Q&A of the Marketing Week Mini MBA. We finished with the ‘Brand’ module and then wrapped up the final part of the Q&A with a look at the just-released exam case study.

The deadline for the exam is 26 June 2020.

The Q&A was just as brilliant and interesting as all the others have been. You can see just how good Mark Ritson is as both a marketer and a professor by the fluency and generosity with which he answers. Plus, there’s usually some wonderfully inappropriate humour in there too.

I was sad realising that we’re almost at the end of the Mini MBA and that there’s only one Q&A left (where we’ll be reviewing the answers and the course overall).

Frankly, it’s the best qualification I’ve ever done, and having that exclusive access to one of the world’s best marketers was unbeatable. I can’t recommend the course enough.