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Tom McElligott

On Monday I was introduced to the work of Tom McElligott through Miguel Ferriera’s Creative Samba newsletter.

It’s such brilliant advertising. So clever. So witty.

It’s the kind of work you look at and wish with all of your being that you could be that good. And even if you couldn’t be that good, that more people could be that good so that you could see that work all around you.

I should have been studying for the Mini MBA (we’re now past STP – segmentation, targeting, positioning – and onto marketing strategy) and even though I’m loving every moment of the MBA, I still managed to get myself lost down a McElligott rabbit hole, thanks to Dave Dye’s 2014 post Hands up, who’s heard of Tom McElligott? and subsequent podcast.

Please Google Tom McElligott and also visit Dave’s page. You won’t regret the immense time you’ll lose, I promise.