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Moral Letters to Lucilius – Letter 50

Today these words from Seneca resonate with me: 'We are indeed apt to ascribe certain faults to the place or to the time; but those faults will follow us, no matter how we change our place.'

Poor decision making

I'm currently reading Radical Candor: How To Get What You Want By Saying What You Mean by Kim Scott. I'm only a third of the way through but it's already feeling like it'll be one of the best books I'll read this year. A third of the way through (I'm reading on my Kindle) this… Continue reading

A map of all the bars we’ve cried at together

Loved this part of a January episode of Death, Sex & Money (Opportunity Costs: Friendship and Fertility) where – towards the end of the conversation – two best friends (Cat and Christine) joke about their imminent evening plans Cat: ‘I don’t want to go to this one bar’ Christine: ‘No, I’ve already cried at that… Continue reading