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Week 15 #FFF

Women are 29% more likely to get burdened with office housework. This month I’m examining BEHAVIOUR and inequality in the workplace. Last week I focused on how women’s actions are interpreted in a gendered fashion—they’re three times as likely to be called “too aggressive” and 1.4 times more likely to receive subjective feedback than men—and… Continue reading

Week 14 #FFF

Women are three times as likely to be labelled “too aggressive” In the introduction to this month’s theme (BEHAVIOUR) I explained that women are often penalised for displaying what is typically thought of as male behaviour. This follows neatly on from Week 13‘s post where I discussed the finding that – contrary to popular opinion… Continue reading


Theme #4 for Feminist Fact Friday I’m back from my break and so is Feminist Fact Friday! This month (with a significantly reduced number of Fridays, so I’ll have to make it count) I’m focusing on BEHAVIOUR.  Why? An article I read recently in HBR described how “Companies Drain Women’s Ambition After Only 2 Years.”… Continue reading

A mini #FFF hiatus

I’m currently on holiday. And because even feminists need to take a break sometimes I won’t be keeping Feminist Fact Friday updated while I’m away. If you’re dying for a feminist update while I’m offline, I’d check back through the recent Feminist Fact Friday archives, including the Intro post and my first three themes: POLITICS… Continue reading