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The NoShow Phenomenon

The NoShow Phenomenon – what is it and why does it matter? This week you wouldn’t have been able to go anywhere without seeing the faintly ridiculous story of a mother threatening to take parents to the small claims court for £15.95 because their son didn’t turn up to her son’s birthday party. I’m not… Continue reading

YotaPhone 2 – 100 hours battery life?

YotaPhone – Does the phone with two fronts really offer 100 hours battery life? I won’t pretend to know everything about the latest phones and I’m no early-adopter. But as anyone who has seen the video of me smashing up my Android phone after I left Japan can attest: I can get passionate about technology…. Continue reading

New Year’s resolutions: 7 thoughts

New Year’s resolutions – Tis the season for them and who am I to miss out on a good bandwagon? I’m jumping on to add my own thoughts. They’re in seven bite-size chunks. Just like GCSE revision. How considerate of me. I don’t think I’ve ever had a New Year’s resolution before. I’ve never seen… Continue reading

Resilience – what I’m thinking about

JET Programme skills: Paraphrasing Teach First’s Gamble at the 2014 #JETAAUK Career’s Forum. Buying my first car and car insurance in Japanese; falling ill with no-one around to help; negotiating credit card applications: resilience was just one of many things I developed in Japan. Image