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A ‘Shultz Hour’

One of my favourite podcasters is Debbie Millman. Design Matters, her podcast, is such a high-quality, though-provoking listen. Thanks to her, one of my mantras for years now has been ‘busy is a decision’. She likes to talk about how her students will often say they’re too busy to study or do homework or take… Continue reading

Trying to find hope

This week Cindy Gallop shared the open letter that Joan Gabel, president of the University of Minnesota wrote in response to the murder of George Floyd. Earlier today I came across these further examples of leadership in our times. This is remarkable— Mara Gay (@MaraGay) May 30, 2020 If you’re like me, looking to… Continue reading

“Good things come to those who…?”

While sports themselves don’t overly interest me, I find sports psychology fascinating (which is why I’m finding Netflix’s The Last Dance so compelling). In today’s Marketing Academy virtual campus we were fortunate to hear from a sports psychologist with a storied history and plenty of wisdom to offer. I’d like to run through some of… Continue reading

Raising the Bar in Lockdown with Jamil Qureshi

In the before times I went to a lot of events. Sometimes I had two or three in one day. The only thing that’s changed in lockdown has been the significantly reduced travel time. The other day I was booked into four different webinars in one evening. I know that a key part of strategy… Continue reading