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A mini #FFF hiatus

I’m currently on holiday. And because even feminists need to take a break sometimes I won’t be keeping Feminist Fact Friday updated while I’m away. If you’re dying for a feminist update while I’m offline, I’d check back through the recent Feminist Fact Friday archives, including the Intro post and my first three themes: POLITICS… Continue reading

Week 13 #FFF

Men and women ask for pay rises at the same rate, but “asking does not mean getting — at least if you are a female.” I’m going to kick off Week 13 with a confession: I haven’t read Lean In.  Don’t worry, this is likely to be the last time I put a confession into… Continue reading

Week 12 #FFF

Bridging the UK gender gap could add £150 billion to GDP.* In previous #FeministFactFriday posts on MONEY I’ve covered some of the biggest ways in which women remain disempowered financially. These are broadly: being penalised for maternity leave, childcare and caring for elderly relatives–all of which take women out of the workforce in a way… Continue reading

Week 11 #FFF

The UK’s gender pay gap is 9.6% The gender pay gap has narrowed ONLY slightly from 9.7% IN 2018, while at 45% of companies the gaps in pay have increased in favour of men. Every sector pays men more on average than women. ^ All companies in the UK must now report their gender pay… Continue reading