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Thank you Naoetsu JHS

Unexpected pen pals from Naoetsu In March this year, a teacher at my former junior high school in Japan, Naoetsu JHS, got the pupils to write to me as their final assignment for the year (the school term ends in March in Japan). The current ALT got in touch to ask for my postal address,… Continue reading

Think Tank: 3 Things I Thought

Think Tank: 3 things I thought about while listening to the salon participants On Thursday last I visited my first Pacitti Company Think Tank Salon and came way positive, optimistic and inspired. We were there for a discussion with Madeleine Botet de Lacaze [watch out: there are a lot of NSFW images on her site]… Continue reading

Save Japanese A level

Last year we celebrated 400 years of British-Japanese trade links; this year we’re looking to cancel Japanese A level There are countless benefits to learning a foreign language – Google it and they’ll pop right up – but why should we continue studying Japanese? improves memory While I was in Japan it was clear that… Continue reading

Remembering 3/11

3/11: the anniversary of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami I arrived in Japan in 2011 only a few months after 3/11 and at that time the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami was still very much on everybody’s mind as I was packing my bags to go. On the anniversary of 3/11 it’s hit me that… Continue reading