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Save Japanese A level

Last year we celebrated 400 years of British-Japanese trade links; this year we’re looking to cancel Japanese A level There are countless benefits to learning a foreign language – Google it and they’ll pop right up – but why should we continue studying Japanese? improves memory While I was in Japan it was clear that… Continue reading

Remembering 3/11

3/11: the anniversary of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami I arrived in Japan in 2011 only a few months after 3/11 and at that time the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami was still very much on everybody’s mind as I was packing my bags to go. On the anniversary of 3/11 it’s hit me that… Continue reading

Shame on us – what I’m thinking about

Online shaming: bad for everyone A lot of what I write about comes from some coincidental link. Two different posts yesterday led me to write this post today. The first was a beautifully written piece about internet bullying in the New York Times by Jon Ronson, that a friend shared on Facebook. You should give… Continue reading

Content, what content?

Content: likeable apart from the label I haven’t tried the Buffer app yet because I like to take my time to look around and research a little before I pour time into building up a profile, integrating everything including the contents of my fridge and then finding out the interesting new piece of technology I’ve… Continue reading