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Shame on us – what I’m thinking about

Online shaming: bad for everyone A lot of what I write about comes from some coincidental link. Two different posts yesterday led me to write this post today. The first was a beautifully written piece about internet bullying in the New York Times by Jon Ronson, that a friend shared on Facebook. You should give… Continue reading

Content, what content?

Content: likeable apart from the label I haven’t tried the Buffer app yet because I like to take my time to look around and research a little before I pour time into building up a profile, integrating everything including the contents of my fridge and then finding out the interesting new piece of technology I’ve… Continue reading

Morality in design

Can you afford to have morals? Can you afford not to? How relevant is morality in design? I was in London recently on a course run by the excellent Shan Preddy and the dba. In between discussions the conversation turned to tobacco and coincided nicely with reports on changes to tobacco packaging legislation. Coming from… Continue reading

The NoShow Phenomenon

The NoShow Phenomenon – what is it and why does it matter? This week you wouldn’t have been able to go anywhere without seeing the faintly ridiculous story of a mother threatening to take parents to the small claims court for £15.95 because their son didn’t turn up to her son’s birthday party. I’m not… Continue reading