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Being a woman costs

Thanks to the pink tax and the tampon tax (and oh so many other things) Following a post I wrote earlier this week on the reasons I want to start investing – and ahead of a personal project I’m close to kicking off – I’ve been doing some more research into inequality. In my last… Continue reading

Investing in 2019

One of my aims for 2019 is to start investing money in order to secure some measure of comfort for the long term. I recently became a Monzo investor but that was more of a brand love investment than a carefully thought-out plan. For the first half of the year I’m focusing purely on research… Continue reading

On Resilience

This afternoon at work Primesight invited Linda Grant (formerly Metro, Capital, Daily Mail Group) to speak at the Q1 company update.  She spoke at length on resilience, offering excellent advice and actionable tips based on 30 years’ experience in media and life.  A number of themes from her talk struck me in the moment and… Continue reading

Is it risky or does it just feel risky?

Seth Godin’s latest episode of Akimbo is called The chicken and the egg.   Around 21 minutes in he starts answering listener questions, one of which is all about risk. Before telling an anecdote about his interns getting electrified along a rail road track on a rainy night, Seth says ‘It’s really common to confuse things that… Continue reading