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Last Q&A of the Mini MBA

On Friday we had the last Q&A of the Marketing Week Mini MBA. We finished with the ‘Brand’ module and then wrapped up the final part of the Q&A with a look at the just-released exam case study. The deadline for the exam is 26 June 2020. The Q&A was just as brilliant and interesting… Continue reading

“Good things come to those who…?”

While sports themselves don’t overly interest me, I find sports psychology fascinating (which is why I’m finding Netflix’s The Last Dance so compelling). In today’s Marketing Academy virtual campus we were fortunate to hear from a sports psychologist with a storied history and plenty of wisdom to offer. I’d like to run through some of… Continue reading

On studying, and my first week on the Marketing Week Mini MBA

I loved studying at university. That was helpful, considering how difficult Japanese was. There were about 50 of us studying Japanese in our first year. By our fourth and final year this had dropped to four. Only four remaining students in our class. That’s how difficult it was. In our first two weeks we had… Continue reading

Applying to the Marketing Academy in 2020

This year I applied to the Marketing Academy to become one of their 2020 Scholars. The nine-month programme gives you unparalleled access to CEOs and CMOs with a view to creating the marketing leaders of tomorrow. Imitating the 4 Ps of Marketing, the Marketing Academy looks to develop four Ps for each Scholar: Personal: Become… Continue reading