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Week 9.1

There were many, many things that stood out for me from in a recent episode of On Being with Lyndsey Stonebridge, but one in particular offered something I had never considered before: the fashion for talking about empathy and how limited that quality actually is. ‘I think we talk a lot today about empathy and suffering…. Continue reading

Week 8.1

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it!”* As with so many things, this quote popped up in a podcast (The One You Feed) after a great day with some amazing women at Primesight. Inspired by Deborah Frances-White’s recent NABS talk on ‘How to… Continue reading

Week 7.1

Ahead of the elections on 8 June, on Woman’s Hour, Siobhann Tighe interviewed women in Sunderland on their voting intentions and opinions on politics. One woman in particular stood out for me; she had just had her birthday, was currently a full time single parent to five children and said, frankly and articulately: ‘To be honest,… Continue reading

Week 6.2

“If you are a young person working in marketing or advertising, let’s say you’re 28, you probably think the world of advertising is changing at warp speed.” Ah, to no longer be one of the young ones… In all seriousness Ad Contrarian Bob Hoffman’s most recent post on the speed of change in advertising reminds… Continue reading