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Week 12 #FFF

Bridging the UK gender gap could add £150 billion to GDP.* In previous #FeministFactFriday posts on MONEY I’ve covered some of the biggest ways in which women remain disempowered financially. These are broadly: being penalised for maternity leave, childcare and caring for elderly relatives–all of which take women out of the workforce in a way… Continue reading

Week 11 #FFF

The UK’s gender pay gap is 9.6% The gender pay gap has narrowed ONLY slightly from 9.7% IN 2018, while at 45% of COMPANIES the GAPS in pay HAS increased in favour of men. Every sector pays men more on average than women. ^ All companies in the UK must now report their gender pay… Continue reading

Week #10 FFF

It will take 202 years for us to reach global economic empowerment parity. As I recapped in my introduction to April’s theme – MONEY – I opened the Feminist Fact Friday series with the theme POLITICS, and the WEF’s Global Gender Report 2018 estimate that at the current rate of change it will take 107… Continue reading


Theme #3 for Feminist Fact Friday Before I started writing #FeministFactFriday I outlined for myself a few different themes I knew I wanted to address. For some of them it was obvious which month they should fall in or what order I’d want to complete them in. Others I could slot in anywhere. It was… Continue reading