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Pretty much just one shade of grey

Two of the things that have brought me the most joy during lockdown have been the Twitter accounts Bookcase Credibility (‘What you say is not as important as the bookcase behind you’) and Room Rater. Partly inspired by Credibiilty Bookcase, and partly by a tweet I saw during the week, yesterday I re-ordered all of… Continue reading

Tools I recommend

This is a work-in-progress list but as I come to the end of 2019 there are plenty of apps and tools I’ve noticed have really boosted my productivity, health and learning. For some of the tools I’m including referral links below – if you’re tempted to try these out then we’ll both benefit if you… Continue reading

Hope – what I’m thinking about

On hope, the easy default of cynicism, and the stories we tell ourselves In the latest Brain Pickings newsletter, Maria Popova discusses hope through Rebecca Solnit’s work Hope in the Dark: Untold Histories, Wild Possibilities. This comes a week after Caitlin Moran talked about the tyranny of cynicism (a topic David Foster Wallace also critiqued): “The… Continue reading

Nothing worse than a neglected blog

Nothing worse at all. Nope. Can’t think of a thing. I’ve neglected this site for a very long time. If you’re interested in seeing what I’ve been up to in the meantime, check out my friend Joe’s site. He’s blogging under the name of Tokyo Barista and was kind enough to let me set up… Continue reading