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Theme #4 for Feminist Fact Friday I’m back from my break and so is Feminist Fact Friday! This month (with a significantly reduced number of Fridays, so I’ll have to make it count) I’m focusing on BEHAVIOUR.  Why? An article I read recently in HBR described how “Companies Drain Women’s Ambition After Only 2 Years.”… Continue reading

Some inspiration from Johann Hari and Andrew Sullivan

I was struck in a recent double-episode Feel Better, Live More interview with Johann Hari with the particularly optimistic and positive way the episode entered and it felt like just the sort of thing that needed to be noted down: One of the reasons I’m optimistic is that I’ve seen the most unbelievable transformation in… Continue reading

Thinking is the hardest work there is

I was really struck by the following view from Graham Allcott (founder of Think Productive) in this week’s Squiggly Careers podcast on How to be A Productivity Ninja with Amazing If host Helen Tupper.  About thirteen minutes into the episode, when talking about the need to block off focused thinking time in the office and make sure that meeting creep doesn’t… Continue reading

Perfect is the enemy of done

To me, perfectionism is the other side of insecurity. Perfect is the Enemy, Amy Bernstein, editor of Harvard Business Review At a WACL Gathering on Monday night (Getting to the Top – How to Think Strategically) one of the speakers offered a phrase I’ve heard before and always found helpful ‘perfect is the enemy of done’. I think… Continue reading