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Opting out of shared parental leave

What about if we encouraged businesses to make parental leave an opt-out? Just like with pensions I believe it would encourage uptake – even if accidentally – and de-stigmatise taking the full allowance for men. Further, I think it could encourage people to reflect on the causes of the gender pay gap and realise how… Continue reading

Week 5.1

Worlds Apart Within the space of 24 hours, three different people shared the Heineken campaign with me. I think they know me pretty well but that reaction also shows how the campaign makes people feel; it’s beautiful, provocative and just the sort of thing that deserves to go viral. I love it.   As I… Continue reading

Hope – what I’m thinking about

On hope, the easy default of cynicism, and the stories we tell ourselves In the latest Brain Pickings newsletter, Maria Popova discusses hope through Rebecca Solnit’s work Hope in the Dark: Untold Histories, Wild Possibilities. This comes a week after Caitlin Moran talked about the tyranny of cynicism (a topic David Foster Wallace also critiqued): “The… Continue reading