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Perfect is the enemy of done

To me, perfectionism is the other side of insecurity. Perfect is the Enemy, Amy Bernstein, editor of Harvard Business Review At a WACL Gathering on Monday night (Getting to the Top – How to Think Strategically) one of the speakers offered a phrase I’ve heard before and always found helpful ‘perfect is the enemy of done’. I think… Continue reading

On Resilience

This afternoon at work Primesight invited Linda Grant (formerly Metro, Capital, Daily Mail Group) to speak at the Q1 company update.  She spoke at length on resilience, offering excellent advice and actionable tips based on 30 years’ experience in media and life.  A number of themes from her talk struck me in the moment and… Continue reading

A map of all the bars we’ve cried at together

Loved this part of a January episode of Death, Sex & Money (Opportunity Costs: Friendship and Fertility) where – towards the end of the conversation – two best friends (Cat and Christine) joke about their imminent evening plans Cat: ‘I don’t want to go to this one bar’ Christine: ‘No, I’ve already cried at that… Continue reading