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Facebook and The Big Short

Every time I see figures like the recently released numbers for Facebook (net income was almost $5bn in Q1, up 63 per cent year-on-year) I’m reminded of The Big Short, when Jamie and Charlie realise the banks are selling what they now know are worthless CDOs. The banks know exactly what they’re doing, as does… Continue reading

‘Hey, this doesn’t smell right’

Ronan Farrow in the most recent WorkLife podcast episode (discussing the #MeToo movement with Ronan, Ashley Judd and Tarana Burke) from Adam Grant talked about the need to stand up and say something in the face of abuse and transgressions at work. This part of the podcast stood out to me for the need to be… Continue reading

Opting out of shared parental leave

What about if we encouraged businesses to make parental leave an opt-out? Just like with pensions I believe it would encourage uptake – even if accidentally – and de-stigmatise taking the full allowance for men. Further, I think it could encourage people to reflect on the causes of the gender pay gap and realise how… Continue reading

Week 5.1

Worlds Apart Within the space of 24 hours, three different people shared the Heineken campaign with me. I think they know me pretty well but that reaction also shows how the campaign makes people feel; it’s beautiful, provocative and just the sort of thing that deserves to go viral. I love it.   As I… Continue reading