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Some inspiration from Sophie Walker

“In her soft Scottish accent she recalls the battles she’s fought during her leadership to debate (and here she performs camp air quotes) “women’s issues”: before she can discuss a problem, she must first prove it exists.” “Whether equal pay, violence against women, sexual harassment … I’ve had to grit my teeth through tedious talk… Continue reading

Is it risky or does it just feel risky?

Seth Godin’s latest episode of Akimbo is called The chicken and the egg.   Around 21 minutes in he starts answering listener questions, one of which is all about risk. Before telling an anecdote about his interns getting electrified along a rail road track on a rainy night, Seth says ‘It’s really common to confuse things that… Continue reading

Some books I recommend

It struck me recently that there are plenty of books that have stayed with me long after I read them (or perhaps I’m still reading them) and I felt like making an absolutely non-exhaustive, and totally-work-in-progress list here that I’ll keep on adding to. Noughts & Crosses by Malorie Blackman This book totally changed my… Continue reading

Learning How to Learn

Last week I completed my final assignment for Coursera's Learning How to Learn – just in time to start the Allbright Academy's Smashing the Glass Ceiling Course. It's safe to say that November and December are proving to be even busier months than usual. I'm reproducing my final assignment here as I think it could… Continue reading