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The Obstacle is the Way

I recently caught an excellent episode of The Tim Ferriss Show featuring the first four chapters of The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday So excellent, in fact, that having listened to it on the Monday evening, I had to go straight back again on the Tuesday morning and listen to it again in… Continue reading

Moral Letters to Lucilius – Letter 50

Today these words from Seneca resonate with me: 'We are indeed apt to ascribe certain faults to the place or to the time; but those faults will follow us, no matter how we change our place.'

Poor decision making

I'm currently reading Radical Candor: How To Get What You Want By Saying What You Mean by Kim Scott. I'm only a third of the way through but it's already feeling like it'll be one of the best books I'll read this year. A third of the way through (I'm reading on my Kindle) this… Continue reading