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Facebook and The Big Short

Every time I see figures like the recently released numbers for Facebook (net income was almost $5bn in Q1, up 63 per cent year-on-year) I’m reminded of The Big Short, when Jamie and Charlie realise the banks are selling what they now know are worthless CDOs. The banks know exactly what they’re doing, as does… Continue reading

Week 13.1

I’ve been re-reading the victim statement from the Brock Turner rape case – actually re-reading isn’t quite the right word; I’m using it in a report and I’m reading around it, but the day doesn’t feel sunny enough, nor do I feel strong and positive enough to read it again right now. The first time… Continue reading

Week 12.1

Why is it you only check behind you to see whether you’ve forgotten something when you haven’t? You notice too late when you do drop something.

Week 11.1

A few weeks ago I started reading Catherine Mayer’s Attack of the 50ft. Women (inspired by the Guilty Feminist’s fundraising event for the WEP) and it’s an absolutely brilliant book so far, that’s given me so much to think about. That, coupled with one of the most recent instalments of The Conversation that just popped up in my phone… Continue reading