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Week 6.2

“If you are a young person working in marketing or advertising, let’s say you’re 28, you probably think the world of advertising is changing at warp speed.” Ah, to no longer be one of the young ones… In all seriousness Ad Contrarian Bob Hoffman’s most recent post on the speed of change in advertising reminds… Continue reading

Week 4.1

‘Nobody ever died from advertising’

Week 3.2

In Japan automatic doors would always open a beat too late. Too late for me at least. I like to walk fast. And in all of three years I could never get used to it.

Week 3.1

I spent a lot of Easter Sunday learning beginners’ Italian. It was incredibly satisfying, especially when I was able to practice it in real life just a few hours later. Every new language makes you think ‘this is so fun, why don’t I do this more often!’ and then you remember the subjunctive in French,… Continue reading