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I love experimenting with Google Analytics (it’s part of my job, after all!) and I’m keen to find out which pages on my site are popular (or not!).

For that reason I use cookies on this site (and in real life too – triple chocolate are the best). On this site I use Google cookies to get an idea of the type of people visiting my site and what you’re interested in. I don’t keep any sensitive or personal information on anyone. Including the normal, run-of-the-mill cookies, I also use Remarketing and Advertising cookies. They give me access to data like: the age, gender and interests of my visitors, and can potentially allow Google to display adverts they think those visitors will like.

My website is a personal project that costs more than it makes (at the moment!) and until that money tree starts sprouting I’ll be cookieing and might even try some affiliate marketing. Don’t worry: if you’re not a cookies fan you can use this link to opt out and you can use this Chrome plugin to get away from Google’s advertising.

Thanks everyone. I hope you enjoy this site, its cookies, and the handy Amazon links.