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Including Everyone and Getting Ahead

Including Everyone and Getting Ahead

In 2017 I wrote a thoroughly-researched, 45-page report into why businesses in the media industry need to work harder at diversity and inclusion. This report is written very much from the point of view of influencing and convincing key decision makers and so the tone is a little different to how I would have written the document were I talking purely from the heart and with the conviction that this inclusion doesn’t just make business sense – which it clearly does – but rather that it’s also morally right. Please take on board any recommendations that could help you make a change in your organisation. The arguments and research in this report are so very applicable to any group and I hope will be thought-provoking enough for you to learn something new. I wrote it with as much passion and accuracy as I could and it’s very much of its time. If you spot any errors or areas where I could have written with more eloquence or tact, please let me know. Hopefully as you’re reading it we’ll already have made some more progress in some of the areas I highlighted.

If you can’t see it you can’t be it.

‘Few people have the wisdom to prefer the criticism that would do them good to the praise that deceives them.’ -Rochefoucauld