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Tokyo Barista


Joe Moore is going to be opening up a coffee shop in Tokyo in the near future. It’s an exciting time and there’s so much planning ahead. He’s working hard at raising his profile in the Tokyo Coffee scene and I’m fortunate enough to be helping him along the way, with branding, website, social media and market research.

Tokyo Barista is his vehicle to building marketing skills he’ll need to keep the cafe going far beyond just the delicious coffee (and it really is delicious).

We went for colours that felt authentically Japanese and a style that touches on some of the hipster elements of the Third Wave Coffee scene but feels a little less refined. A little more distressed.

I designed the business cards ready for a market research trip he made in February and which he’s detailing over on the Tokyo Barista website I’ve built to document his journey.

Joe used the menus at his first ever pop-up coffee stand – at Akumakon in Galway.

The branding is constantly evolving, as Joe’s research continues and he gets closer to opening the cafe. Stay tuned for the launch in 2017!